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Charitable Planning

Our Estate Planning Practice assists our charitably-minded clients in achieving their charitable goals by drafting documents or recommending certain techniques designed to meet one’s goals both during life and at death. 

Whether you wish to simply include one or more charities as beneficiaries under your Will or revocable trust, or you wish to explore more involved planning, such as establishing a private foundation, we can assist you in the implementation of a customized charitable plan. 

Ways we can assist you with the most basic to the most complex charitable planning, include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assisting you with naming one or more charitable organizations as beneficiaries of your retirement plan.
  • Drafting Irrevocable Trusts such as charitable remainder trusts or charitable lead trusts, under which you or an individual beneficiary may reserve the right to a stream of income or the right to the remainder, with balance distributed to charitable organizations chosen by you.
  • Creating a Donor Advised Fund with a community foundation, which allows you to direct donations to the charities of your choice during your lifetime, and to name a successor advisor who can continue your plan of charitable giving following your death.

Creative charitable planning allows you to not only achieve your goals of giving, but when done property, minimizes income, gifts, and estate taxes.

Please contact us so we can assist you with one or more of the options discussed above as part of an overall charitable plan.