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Medicaid & Asset Protection Planning

Our Elder Law attorneys and paralegals assist clients with obtaining necessary benefits to pay for the care that they or a family member might need. By engaging in Medicaid & Asset Protection Planning, you or your loved one can maintain a comfortable qualify of life and allow for the proper distribution of income and assets.

Medicaid planning can be essential to covering the costs of a nursing home, an assisted living facility or home care. Often, this process can be confusing or difficult. We work with you toward obtaining Medicaid eligibility, by providing you with a customized plan and guiding you through the spend down and application process to ensure you receive all the benefits under Medicare and Medicaid programs for which you are qualified.

A Medicaid plan can also be coordinated with a plan for obtaining Veteran's Benefits.  Asset Protection Planning can include:

  • Analyzing opportunities to gift assets
  • Preparing an irrevocable trust to hold assets such as investments and real estate
  • Maximizing assets retained by a spouse
  • Determining proper spend down

By planning ahead, you can be prepared for the short or long-term care you might need in the future. Please contact us today to talk to a member of our Elder Law Practice about Medicaid planning and asset protection planning.