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How We Recruit

Most of our new talent comes from our Summer Associate program, in which we actively recruit directly from our area’s law schools. We strive to hire the number of Summer Associates we intend to bring on full-time the following fall.  To identify those truly outstanding individuals whom we employ, we first consider candidates’ prior training and character building accomplishments. Then we conduct in-depth personal interviews with members of our recruiting committee.  

Academic Excellence

We carefully review both undergraduate and law school academic achievements. Although we prefer candidates who are in the top third of their law school class, we do not rely solely on grades. We also consider relevant undergraduate  disciplines, the overall law school curricula, participation in extracurricular activities and especially the leadership positions held in those activities as qualities we value highly.

Strong Written and Oral Communications Skills

An ability to communicate succinctly, effectively, and efficiently is key to what we do everyday.

Demonstrated Interest and Background in Our Practice Areas

In the law students and attorneys we hire, we look for individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to gaining an academic understanding and practical exposure to our clients’ business. Whether the experience is gained in the classroom or in the boardroom, we look for multi-faceted individuals with the intellect and skills to partner with our diverse and sophisticated clients in serving their business needs. 

First Year Law Students

Every year we try to include at least one first year law student in our Summer Associate Program. We select that student based on the same criteria applied to second year students. Over the summer, that first year student will have the same opportunities, assignments, mentoring and feedback that we provide our second year students. Those students who perform well are invited to participate in their second summer with us. 

How to Apply

Whether interviewing with us on-campus or contacting us via mail or e-mail, please provide the following:

#1 A Cover Letter

Your cover letter is your opportunity to tell us more about yourself than what is already on your resume. In other words, we want to hear what you expect from a career in law, why you are interested in our practice, and what draws you to our city. Your cover letter also provides an avenue for you to tell us more about your experience and achievements.

#2 Your Current Resume

Please send a resume that is succinct and thorough. It should be a brief chronology of your past accomplishments, that is well organized and easy to read. We are very interested in your academic achievements, so please list your majors and class standings, as well as organizations you participated in and the leadership positions you held and include community activities.  Likewise, we are interested in your prior employment, including the level of responsibility, demonstrations of initiative, advancements, etc.

#3 Your Latest Law School Grade Transcript

We will initially review an unofficial copy of a law school transcript, if necessary in light of time constraints. However, we must receive an official, up-to-date law school grade transcript before we will extend an offer of employment. 

Please send documents to:

Human Resources
Krugliak, Wilkins, Griffiths & Dougherty Co., L.P.A.
4775 Munson Street NW; PO Box 36963
Canton, OH  44735-6963