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Employees are one of your most valuable resources, and KWGD realizes the safety, well-being, and protection of your employees are important to your business. We also recognize that the cost and exposure attendant to workers’ compensation claims can be significant and debilitating to your business. Additionally, in the workplace, employees and their attorneys often pursue litigation of questionable workers’ compensation claims and seek excessive compensation and treatment. These actions can cause workers’ compensation costs and exposure to skyrocket. Our lawyers know that managing the expenses related to workers’ compensation claims is imperative to the continued success of your business. 

Our workers’ compensation practice section has more than 70 years of collective workers’ compensation claims management and litigation experience. Our aggressive representation of employers includes the diligent defense of our clients in all stages of claims litigation. We defend workers’ compensation claims at all levels of the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and Industrial Commission, as well as at the trial court and appellate court levels to determine eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits. Our aggressive claims litigation strives to ensure that only legitimate claims and injuries are recognized while questionable claims are contested and denied. We also defend lawsuits alleging damages and penalties against our employer clients regarding alleged intentional torts and violations of specific safety regulations. 

Please contact KWGD today if you need counsel for workers’ compensation litigation.