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KWGD’s creditors’ rights and bankruptcy attorneys take an aggressive but practical approach to protecting our clients’ rights with a design to maximize the recovery of money while efficiently managing costs.  Our attorneys are adept at assessing a client’s right to payment and the likelihood of recovering money from a debtor, and then skilled at developing and carrying out an efficient plan to recover the money.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in these areas, whether they are collection cases for nonpayment of debts, significant commercial litigation where a debt is contested, or complex and contentious litigation in Bankruptcy Court where a debtor is challenging a client’s right to payment or its rights to real estate or other property.

KWGD’s attorneys also have significant experience negotiating complicated work outs and settlements both for and with lenders.

No matter the circumstance, KWGD’s creditors’ rights and bankruptcy attorneys can provide you sound advice and a sensible plan of action. Contact us today.