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Selling of Salvage Motor Vehicle Parts

07.11.24 written by
If you are involved in the motor vehicle parts industry in Ohio, be aware of critical licensing requirements that may apply to your business operations. Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4738 mandates that individuals and entities...

Options for 529 Accounts

07.02.24 written by
What Can Be Done with Excess Funds in a 529 Account After the Beneficiary Completes Their Education? A section 529 plan, commonly referred to as a 529 account or a qualified tuition program (QTP), is a state-sponsored...

Auction Firm Licenses

06.24.24 written by
According to one study, nearly 40% of American sold items online in the past couple of years. Recently, the Ohio legislature enacted House Bill 321, the provisions of which are codified in Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4707. This...