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The Appellate Law Section is built on the combined talent of our attorneys with appellate practice experience and expertise and the talent of our Litigation Section in order to provide thorough and effective representation in the complex area of appellate litigation.  Our appellate attorneys have clerked for state and/or federal court judges, with combined clerkship experience of over 15 years.

They are seasoned in handling appeals in both the state and federal courts and are available to counsel at the trial and appellate court levels.  In the trial court, our attorneys collaborate with trial counsel on strategic and tactical matters by identifying and preserving potential appealable issues throughout the trial process and crafting effective motions on substantive legal issues.  In the appellate court, our attorneys manage motion practice, thoroughly review the record, identify appealable issues, develop arguments that address legal and policy issues, and draft appellate pleadings that present a concise, thorough analysis of the issues unique to your case.

We accomplish this through our appellate attorneys’ strong oral advocacy skills and persuasive writing expertise.  We are available to assist individual and corporate clients with challenging and novel appellate issues in a large variety of practice areas, including original actions.