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Are You on OSHA’s High Hazard Inspection Hit List?

01.09.13 written by

On January 4, 2013, OSHA issued its Site-Specific Targeting 2012 Program (“SST Program”) which authorizes inspections of workplaces where the highest rates of injury and illnesses occur. This site-specific targeting plan is a list of companies that OSHA intends to inspect during the 2013 calendar year. Any non-construction workplace that has 20 or more workers should review the high hazard site-specific targeting list.

The site-specific targeting list is put together based on data collected from a survey of 80,000 workplaces in high-hazard industries. These workplaces report their workplace injury statistics, and OSHA determines companies to inspect based on the self-reporting.

OSHA believes that through the SST Program, OSHA can prevent injuries and illness and save lives by focusing inspection resources on employers in high-hazard worksites where workers are at the greatest risk. As part of the SST Program, this year, OSHA is also conducting a study to evaluate the effectiveness of the program based on 1,260 randomly selected establishments. Also, for 2012, OSHA’s Nursing and Personal Care Facilities National Emphasis Program will conduct program inspections of nursing and personal care establishments, unlike in previous years when these inspections fell under the site-specific targeting program.

If you need any information concerning whether your company is on the high hazard hit list or concerning the Nursing and Personal care Facilities National Emphasis Program, please feel free to contact Jacqueline Bollas Caldwell at: 330-244-2864 or

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