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OSHA Issues Hazard Alert for Diesel Particulate Matter

08.01.13 written by

In January 2013, OSHA issued a Hazard Alert concerning diesel exhaust/diesel particulate matter “(DE/DPM”).  OSHA first noted those occupations with potential exposure to DE/DPM, including miners, construction workers, heavy equipment operators, bridge and tunnel workers, railroad workers, oil and gas workers, loading dock workers, truck drivers, material handling operators, farmworkers, long-shoring workers, and auto, truck, and bus maintenance garage workers. 

OSHA then listed the short and prolonged-term exposure effects of DE/DPM, noting that in June 2012, the International Agency for Cancer Research (“IARC”) classified DE (including DPM) as a known human carcinogen (Group 1).   OSHA then described both engineering controls and administrative controls (changes to the way tasks are performed) for minimizing exposure.  Finally, OSHA noted that OSHA does not have a permissible exposure limit for DPM in general industry, agriculture, construction, or maritime operations regulations.

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